The Faculty of Arts & Science introduces a timetable maker. COURTESY OF UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WEBSITE

The Faculty of Arts & Science has launched an official timetable planner, which allows students to plan the courses they would like to take.

It is similar to unofficial timetable planning websites such as Griddy, Findacourse, and  “Other timetabling services may not provide the latest information, and do not include important information about enrolment controls,” reads an email sent to students by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.

UTM already offers a similar service that is almost identical in function to its UTSG counterpart. Both systems offer search options for session, level, subject area, instructor, online courses, date, time, and available space; they also provide enrolment control information. UTSG’s planner additionally allows students to search by department and breadth requirements.

Griddy allows students to search courses by code and session; Findacourse allows students to search courses by code. Findacourse also offers an option to search for courses without prerequisites. allows students to search for courses by department, breadth, level, date and time, and semester.

The Faculty of Arts & Science’s official timetable maker does not include the option to save a mock schedule. With an account, Findacourse and will save the progress students have made; Griddy can create a custom URL for a mock timetable.

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