The student body at UTSC voted to raise the Scarborough Campus Community Radio (Fusion Radio) levy from $4.85 to $12.85.

The referendum was held on September 30 and October 3. A total of 59 students voted, with 43 voting ‘yes’ and 16 voting ‘no’.

The increased levy will allow for Fusion Radio, UTSC’s only community radio station, to allocate more resources towards expenses, such as marketing and promotions, renovations, pay roll, and scholarships.

“The increased fees will be allocated towards new jobs… more event and news coverage, bigger and better campus events, [terrestrial] radio expansion, technical upgrades and our recording studio,” writes Ramisa Tasfia, fifth-year student and President of Fusion Radio, in an email to The Varsity.

Tasfia said that in her two years as President of Fusion Radio, “I have had many students ask me why Fusion Radio hasn’t been able to host more events, contests and giveaways.”

Fusion Radio also sponsors clubs such as dance teams and musical events.

Marc Laurin, Station Manager at Fusion Radio and fourth-year student at UTSC, expressed his excitement on the decision and its implications for Fusion Radio.

“It’s hard to connect with students sometimes, but I think the range of services targeted to our student body will help increase overall campus awareness and strengthen our network and community for years to come,” Laurin said.

While only 59 out of the 13,000 eligible student-voters cast their votes, Tafia believes this to be a typical turnout: “I have seen similar patterns of few voter turnouts at other student society elections at UTSC.”

The referendum results are pending approval by the university and campus governing bodies, UTSC Community Council and Governing Council.

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