The world of sport is far more diverse than what you see offered at sports bars. This series will profile the lesser-known, the more interesting, and the downright peculiar sports that you haven’t heard of until now.

Have you ever dreamed of playing sports in jumbo size? Look no further than the newfound creation of foot darts! As the name suggests, foot darts is a form of darts that is played out with your feet — but on a massive scale.

The objective is to kick a soccer ball at a 22-foot tall velcro dart board, aiming the ball as close to the centre of the board as possible, in an effort to score points much in the same way as a game of darts.

Foot darts is becoming a popular pastime, attracting attention in Europe, North America, and Australia. There are very few intricacies to this sport — pretty much just kick the ball at the big inflatable dart board. Unless you’re already a pro soccer player though, mastering it could take ages.

Created by Foot Sports UK, foot darts is accurately described as “the ultimate test of accuracy.” People are challenged to “step up to the oche and fire your highest score.” For those whose dart-playing vernacular is lacking, the ‘oche’ is the line behind which players stand as they ­— traditionally — hurl sharp, weighted projectiles at a wall-hanging board.

Dart players with the utmost skill have incorporated the consumption of alcohol into the traditional sport; perhaps that will become the next level of foot darts soon enough.

The process of retrieving the ball when it gets stuck to the very top of the board notwithstanding, who isn’t looking forward to playing this absurdly oversized mashup of darts and soccer?

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