Jessica Leung is a fourth-year student studying Engineering Science, majoring in Mathematics, Statistics, and Finance. Her experience in student politics has been as the Vice-President, Finance for the Chinese Engineering Students Association.

Leung is adamant that the UTSU should not be politically partisan, and is interested in making the union more efficient, transparent, and accessible.

Leung says she wants to redistribute most of the UTSU’s funding to clubs and associations, putting the responsibility for hosting events and campaigns on them, and not on a centralized union.

She says that her slate, Reboot UofT, will cut union roles and salaries, not filling any positions that is vacant right now and moving to phase out other positions over time.

“As an engineer, my future career is not going to be in politics or policy, but while I am here at U of T, and this is my last year, I’d like to do something that can benefit students in the future,” she said.

With files from Rachel Chen and Aidan Currie

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