Keelie-Shay Eaid is a third-year New College student studying English and East Asian Studies.

Her equity experience occurred in high school, at which point she was involved in charity clubs and mental health initiatives. She explains that she has had to work during university to pay for her tuition, which explains why she does not have more recent experience.

Despite finding their narrative “pretty aggressive,” Eaid wants to stand by the Black Liberation Collective and support their demands to the UTSU. Eaid does not believe there is anti-Black racism within the UTSU and is unsure about whether or not to continue the lawsuit against Sandra Hudson.

Despite this uncertainty, Eaid notes that “it’s very clear how the lawsuit has happened.” Eaid supports mental health initiatives, but is more supportive of outsourcing equity advocacy campaigns to clubs.

“I would love to redirect or at least outsource the money that is going to events that are not exactly doing very much and putting that towards clubs that would focus on the issues or the causes a lot more, and they would actually do something with it [sic],” Eaid said.

With files from Reut Cohen and Jack Denton