Nadine Abd El Razek is a third-year New College student studying Political Science and Sociology. She has been the Vice-President of the Egyptian Students Association for the past year and believes that student government should be run by average students who have average outlooks, not by political insiders.

Abd El Razek wants to push mental health advocacy campaigns via a “special committee,” encourage other student unions to decentralize (as per Reboot UofT’s plan), keep distancing the UTSU from the CFS, and advocate for lower tuition across the board, especially for international students, whose fees are not regulated.

“I am running for VP External because I have been at this university for three years and I feel completely uninvolved in everything that goes on. And I feel like this whole place is running itself and the people in the university themselves, they have no idea what’s happening,”Abd El Razek said.

With files from Tamim Mansour

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