Issue 21

Fourth Annual Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease

The Students’ Alzheimer’s Alliance at U of T will be holding a conference focused on discussing new research surrounding dementia and improving treatments for those suffering from such neurodegenerative diseases. Speakers will include Dr. Walter Swardfager of the Sunnybrook Research Institute and Dr. Donald Weaver of the Krembil Research Institute.

Date: Monday, March 13

Time: 5:30–9:00 pm

Location: Room 2170, Medical Sciences Building, 1 King’s College Circle

Admission: Free with registration

Mental Health Seminar

University is arguably the most stressful time of a student’s career. The U of T Health and Wellness Centre in collaboration with the Medical Sciences Student Union will be holding a seminar to discuss balancing school and life, and how to cope with the many struggles of academia.

Date: Tuesday, March 14

Time: 5:00–7:00 pm

Location: Room 1016, Wilson Hall, 40 Willcocks Street

Admission: Free

FemSTEM! Women in Health Innovation

The percentage of women in Canada’s healthcare sector is still considerably lower than men, with women accounting for only 22 per cent of STEM occupations in 2014. The Graduate and Life Sciences Education Team will be holding an open discussion regarding the issues that surround women in healthcare. Panelists include Dr. Ruth Ross, Senior Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and Huda Idrees, founder of Dot Health.

Date: Wednesday, March 15

Time: 2:00–4:00 pm

Location: Room 120, Health Innovation Hub, 263 McCaul Street

Admission: Free with registration

Ontario Medical School Symposium

The U of T Human Biology Students’ Union will be holding their 21st annual medical school symposium for students who are considering entering the medical field. There will be speakers from U of T’s Faculty of Medicine and McMaster’s Faculty of Medicine at the symposium, as well as medical students to help answer your questions about the field.

Date: Wednesday, March 15

Time: 6:00–8:00 pm

Location: Medical Sciences Building, 1 King’s College Circle, Room 2170

Admission: Free

Clinical Psychology Workshop

If you are interested in the field of Clinical Psychology, the U of T Psychology Students’ Association will be holding a workshop with Clinical Psychology graduate students from the Clinical Psychology program at UTSC to discuss your possible career options!

Date: Friday, March 17

Time: 12:00–2:00 pm

Location: Room 4043, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street

Admission: Free


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