The UTSU has announced the resignation of Farah Noori, who served as the union’s Vice-President Equity.

According to a statement from UTSU President Jasmine Denike, which was released on March 31, Noori informed the board of directors on March 26 of her intention to resign.

We have chosen not to publicize the reasons behind her resignation. We ask that all members of the U of T community be respectful of Farah and her privacy,” the statement reads.

Denike thanked Noori for her work and highlighted her efforts in organizing eXpression Against Oppression Week, consultations for the Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment on Campus, events for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, and the UTSU Accessibility Fund.

It is unclear why the statement states that the Board of Directors approved Noori’s resignation on March 31, a date that has not happened yet. Noori declined to divulge her reasons for her resignation, citing personal reasons.

In November 2016, Lucinda Qu also resigned from her role as Vice-President External.

Noori was elected in last year’s spring elections with the Hello UofT slate. The position will remain vacant until Chimwemwe Alao, the incoming Vice-President Equity, takes office in May 2017, pending board approval of the election results.