On June 16, a man was shot in a parking lot across from the Madison Avenue Pub near Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue. On June 17, a group of men assaulted a victim near Bloor Street and Devonshire Place.In both incidents, the victims sustained serious injuries and were sent to the hospital. 

The shooting near the Madison Avenue Pub occurred around 2:30 am; the victim was a 27-year-old man. Initial reports suggest that the man was shot in the abdomen. No arrests had been made at the time of publication.

Regarding the incident, Althea Blackburn-Evans, Director of Media Relations at U of T, said that the university has had “no indication from the [Toronto Police Service] that there were any students involved.”

Campus Police officers were not involved in the crime scene.

The assault near Bloor Street and Devonshire Place occurred around 2:25 am. The victim was reportedly involved in a verbal dispute with a group of men outside a late-night establishment, which quickly escalated into a physical altercation. The group of men assaulted the victim for several minutes before fleeing the scene.

Two men have been charged for the incident. Wesley Beck, 20, has been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon; Adam Zamani, 20, has been charged with aggravated assault. Police say that they are still looking for three more suspects.

Blackburn-Evans said that no students were involved in this incident either.

Blackburn-Evans also stated that, despite these two incidents, U of T is continuing to operate as normal and is not taking any responsive action that is “out of the ordinary,” though Campus Police officers were near the crime scene at Bloor Street and Devonshire Place and assisted in traffic control after the incident.

The University of Toronto is not involved with any investigations on the two incidents. Both are being handled by Toronto Police.

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