9:00 pm — I begin the night by changing into a pair of chinos and a cute button-up floral print shirt that says, “I’m artsy but also fun and confident.”

9:30 pm — I meet up with a friend at her house. We decide that three glasses of wine constitute acceptable “pre-drinks.” We sit in her kitchen watching clips from RuPaul’s Drag Race while sipping on cheap rosé from the College and Euclid LCBO.

10:30 pm — We head to a not-so-close friend’s house party in the Annex. We’d feel bad if we didn’t at least make an appearance.

11:30 pm — We ditch the house party for Crews and Tangos on Church Street, where we meet up with a few closer friends. I also invite a Tinder match who was in one of my classes last semester.

12:30 am — We watch a drag queen doing a lip synced performance of “Venus” by Lady Gaga. At this point, Tinder match and I are engaging in some serious PDA on the dance floor.

2:00 am — We ditch the club for a late night McDonald’s run.

3:00 am — Head home with Tinder match. We proceed to have a tender night consisting mostly of cuddling, oral sex, and philosophical discussions about Sex and the City.

— Avneet Sharma

8:00 pm — Meet up with some friends at The Burger’s Priest or Future Bistro in the Annex for some comfort food.

9:00 pm — Hop into the clothing stores and bookstores in the area. BMV bookstore has a great collection on art history and cinema, and the third floor’s wide range of comic books is worth visiting. There’s also a tarot card reader nearby.

10:00 pm — Hit up SPiN Toronto, inspired by the New York club where you can listen to live music, grab some drinks, and also get in a game of ping pong.

12:00 am — Have a midnight snack at Insomnia on Bloor. Check out Snakes and Lattes, a café that offers thousands of board games, where Cards Against Humanity takes the top spot. Hit up a nearby frozen yogurt or ice cream place for dessert.

2:00 am — I’ll usually have rented something from Robarts’ Media Library to watch with anyone who’s up for it. After that, it’s time to crash.

— Ayushee Vohra

9:00 pm — Assemble your team for the night, preferably including at least one friend who doesn’t drink and can recount the events of the night to you when you can’t remember the next day.

9:30 pm — Beer pong. No table? No problem. Why do you think the residences have common rooms?

11:30 pm — Uber over to Track and Field, a bar on College. Their collection of odd games will fill any void that might make you feel like you need to dance or make conversation. SPiN on King Street West is a valid alternative.

1:30 am — The weak have gone home or fallen asleep. You, on the other hand, are headed to Taste of China on Dundas, a fully equipped Chinese restaurant with shared dishes that’s open until 4:00 am every night — 5:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

3:00 am — Attempt to walk back to campus but make a wrong turn and end up in Nathan Phillips Square. Take some good Snapstories and Uber the hell home. You have class tomorrow.

— Kevin Yin

5:30 pm — My boyfriend and I select a new recipe online in the hopes of creating a savoury dish for dinner. Although cognizant of the fact that we’re missing a couple ingredients, we naïvely attempt to improvise and pretend we’re experienced chefs.

6:15 pm — Our goal of saving money is spoiled, as is the case with so many other U of T students. The “extravagant” meal fails and we’re still hungry for a satisfying one. I text a friend, and the three of us head to Kinton Ramen on Church Street.

8:00 pm — After a pleasant meal and discussion, we set out for dessert elsewhere. We arrive at one of our favourite cafés for specialty cakes and/or tea, Jule on Carlton Street.

9:15 pm — If feeling particularly adventurous, we catch a late night flick at the Yonge-Dundas Cineplex Cinema, or play some board games at Snakes & Lattes. More often than not, however, my boyfriend and I will just retire to our condo and watch or rewatch shows like Black Mirror, Westworld, Stranger Things, Survivor, or Game of Thrones.

— Christina Bondi

6:30 pm — It’s movie time. Take your pick: rom com, superhero flick, or war epic?

8:30 pm — If you haven’t tried the perfect combination that is movies and Korean fried chicken, I don’t know where you’ve been. The Annex and Koreatown are full of Korean restaurants you’ve got to try. Start with The Fry at Bathurst and Bloor.

8:45 pm — The Fry’s food is delicious, Snapchat-worthy, and the restaurant is the perfect place to hang out with friends. Order one of their famous combos, such as the green onion chicken with a peach flavoured makgeolli.

9:10 pm — The food arrives. Enjoy time with your friends, along with the restaurant’s free butter corn and fries.

11:00 pm – Or later, your call: head out and get home safe.

— Sammi Chan