Angela Feng

Campus Politics Columnist

Angela Feng is a second-year student at St. Michael’s College (SMC) studying History and Cinema Studies. Knowing that it is often easier to ignore politics than follow it, she is hoping to break down student politics in a clear and understandable way so that hectic academic schedules will not get in the way of participation in student politics.

Angela was born in Toronto, but she was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, returning to Toronto for high school and university. She obsesses over movies and argues about everything. After university, she is not entirely sure what she will do, but she hopes to travel and write.

In addition to The Varsity, Angela writes for SMC’s The Mike.


Zach Rosen

Current Affairs Columnist

Zach Rosen is a second-year student at Trinity College studying History and Philosophy. As Current Affairs Columnist, he is looking forward to using his platform to offer views on a wide variety of issues that will affect U of T students as citizens of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the world.

The kinds of issues that will be examined in the Current Affairs column will be those that are impactful and important to all readers.

Aside from writing for The Varsity, Zach is a member of the U of T Undergraduate Mooting Team and plays intramural hockey. He is from Montréal and would like to go to law school after he graduates.


Adina Heisler

Student Life Columnist

Adina Heisler is a third-year University College student double-majoring in English and Women & Gender Studies. She is very excited to be The Varsity’s Student Life Columnist this year.

Adina is 20 years old and originally from Connecticut — she is a dual citizen; her mother is Canadian and her father is American. Alongside her position at The Varsity, she is one of the two volunteer coordinators for the Sexual Education Centre at U of T.

Within her column, Adina hopes to bring to light everything that is constantly happening on campus — it can be hard to keep track of what is going on and why we should care. Marginalized students, including students of racialized backgrounds, LGBTQ+ students, and students with disabilities may feel particularly sidelined in conversations about campus life. Adina hopes her writing can get readers to think critically about these issues.



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