On Thursday night, the crown jewels of Shonda Rhimes’ television programming empire will come together in a two-hour special of back-to-back episodes featuring Olivia Pope, recently cast out from her job as White House Chief of Staff, and Annalise Keating, currently trying to pursue a class-action lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In light of these worlds colliding, I’ve created a list of my top five preferred outcomes for the event. Full disclosure, I am not yet fully caught up with HTGAWM.

1. Olivia invites Annalise back to her place for popcorn and wine

This is a must. I can just picture it now: Olivia is planning her return to power after being unceremoniously replaced by President Mellie Grant. While looking for new avenues of power, she stumbles across Annalise, power attorney, who holds in her hands the class-action lawsuit that could bring Olivia back to the forefront.

To properly plan their evil deeds, Olivia invites Annalise back to her place, and they end up talking about everything while eating popcorn and drinking wine — the quintessential Scandal power move.

2. Amanda Tanner lived and escaped to Philadelphia to become Bonnie Winterbottom

I don’t know how Rhimes plans to explain how Gilmore Girls alumna Liza Weil ended up on both shows as different characters, but here’s my take: the supposed lifeless body of Amanda Tanner found in the Potomac was actually just a body double. She was able to outsmart everyone, even the White House, and escape with her life to Philadelphia, where she assumed the name ‘Bonnie Winterbottom,’ enrolled in law school, and started working for Annalise.

Yes, yes, I can already hear your protests about how Bonnie has a whole backstory already cooked up — but a guy can dream, right?

3. Jake takes Laurel to ‘the island,’ where they can finally leave their toxic pasts behind

I already have a pre-determined OTP for this unaired episode, and it’s mysterious spy Jake Ballard and formerly bright-eyed law student Laurel Castillo. Wouldn’t they be perfect together? Jake’s a strongman willing to take orders, while Laurel’s an idealist seeking justice.

The two can finally leave behind their problematic significant others — because let’s face it, he’s in a miserable marriage, and she’s on-and-off with a murderer — go to that island where he brought Olivia back in season four, and they stay there. 

4. Annalise becomes Attorney General so David can fall in love with Abby all over again

The real will-they-won’t-they couple of Scandal, David and Abby, need to finally realize that they’re meant to be with each other. As the last couple of episodes have shown, sparks are flying again after seasons of nothing between the two.

I know David has this whole thing about wearing the White Hat and not dating possible traitors to the United States, but come on — together, they are goals. If David needs to resign for this to happen, so be it! Mellie can appoint Annalise Attorney General, she can finally pursue American criminal justice reform, and the two lovebirds can find their happily ever after.

5. Fitz continues to whine about Vermont, because of course he does

Does this even need explaining? Fitz is just a puppy who keeps whining about going back to Vermont and spending the rest of his life with Olivia making jam. What people see in him, I’ll never know.