Spencer Robertson is in his second year of studies in the Urban Studies program. As the President of the University of Toronto Tabletop Gaming Club, Robertson has managed a budget of approximately $3,000.  

If elected, Robertson said he would adopt a fiscally conservative approach to clubs funding in order to help ensure that the Student Commons project remains on budget. The approval process through which clubs receive funding would be a key issue he would tackle, aiming to make it easier for clubs to receive funding. “This is such a vibrant community, I think we still lack certain clubs on campus that people have probably thought, ‘I’d love to do that,’” said Robertson, emphasizing the importance of a flexible approval process.  

Robertson would not change the structure of orientation week, one of the main responsibilities of the VP Campus Life. When asked about his decision to run as an independent, Robertson said, “I know where my mindset is, my policies are, and I don’t have to worry or voice other people’s opinions”.

His thoughts on clubs funding for controversial student groups: “While I believe universities are founded on the idea of fostering different views, and providing people with an opportunity to debate them, I don’t believe it makes sense for the UTSU to fund clubs easily described as ‘controversial.‘”

— With files from Reut Cohen, Ann Marie Elpa, and Teodora Pasca

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