Tyler Biswurm is a second-year student studying Computer Science and Ethics, Society, and Law. Last year, Biswurm served as a councillor on the Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council, and he is currently a web editor at The Strand, Victoria College’s student newspaper.  

“My vision is to push us towards a UTSU that people actually feel comfortable talking to… both in the student side of things and the administration,” he said. If elected, Biswurm wants 50 per cent of the human resources costs of the Student Commons project to go toward student jobs. He would also like to publish what he called a “human readable” budget to improve the union’s financial transparency.

Biswurm wants to alter the internal board structure and union bylaws so as to prevent the disengagement of directors and what he called the “top-down, patronizing” culture of board meetings. He cited his experience overseeing a budget while sitting as high school student council president as preparation for managing the UTSU’s finances.

— With files from Ilya Bañares, Aidan Currie, and Teodora Pasca