Earlier this month, the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) confirmed that it has parted ways with General Manager Michelle Lee-Fullerton, who was hired in May.

According to a statement from UTSU President Anne Boucher, they parted ways in the second week of July. Boucher said they cannot disclose how this occurred “due to legal constraints, and out of respect for the individual,” but they “wish her the best in the future.”

The General Manager position, which was recently created to replace the Executive Director position, is meant to serve as a link between the elected UTSU executive team and the operational staff who oversee the completion of projects.

Previously, Lee-Fullerton had told The Varsity that she planned to work with the incoming Executive Committee to develop their overarching goals into a defined plan for the year, specifically aiming to get “operational needs met while upholding the organization’s fiscal responsibilities.”

Notably, the General Manager was to have an important role in helping the UTSU develop the Student Commons, a major project that was slated to open in September 2018, but has recently been delayed to January 2019.

Tyler Biswurm, Vice-President Operations for the UTSU, told The Varsity that this change in personnel did not contribute to the delay in the Student Commons opening, and has had no effect on other UTSU projects.

The UTSU is currently searching for an Operations Director to manage the Student Commons.

The Operations Director will manage various areas of the Student Commons as the UTSU works toward the January 2019 opening. According to Biswurm, they will be responsible for “implementing policies passed by the Student Commons Management Committee (which consists almost entirely of students), managing all day-to-day operations of the building, managing agreements made with stakeholders in the building, the enforcement of rules and procedures in the use of facilities, and the oversight of building staff.”

The UTSU anticipates hiring an Operations Director in September and a General Manager in October. Boucher explained that “Our priority for this year has always been the successful open of the Student Commons, but crucially, without sacrificing the central mission of the UTSU.”