Just like that, half the semester has almost come and gone. Thanksgiving weekend marked the calm before the storm, right before the reality of major assignments and midterms ruin all your cozy fall vibes. But briefly, we could all forget about those midterms and go home, eat way too much food, and feel like we’re still in high school for a few days. Whether you had turkey or takeout this Thanksgiving, here are some cozy and nostalgic tunes to get you through your food coma.

Running For Cover” by Ivan & Alyosha, 2013

Here’s one for your commute back home, whether it’s a bus or a plane ride away. There’s something that will always be eternally comforting about home. And I’m willing to bet your mom’s cooking is way better than dining hall food, or even worse, your own cooking.

Big Sis” by Sales, 2015

Another for when you’re feeling nostalgic about home. Surround yourself with family and friends and get into the thankful spirit with this tune.

Rising Water” by James Vincent McMorrow, 2016

Let McMorrow’s dreamy voice comfort you while the funky melody has you tapping your feet. Listen to this as you drink hot chocolate or eat pumpkin pie and pretend you don’t have an essay you should be writing.

The Magician” by Andy Shauf, 2016

A perfect low tempo fall song. The piano melody and Shauf’s voice bring ultimate comfort during the coziest time of year. “The Magician” also describes most of us during midterm season: “just a shaking hand without a concrete plan.”

The Wild Hunt” by The Tallest Man on Earth, 2010

Listen to this while you’re driving, taking in all the beautiful fall colours around you, and wishing fall could stay for a little while longer before the brutal winter comes to stay for longer than any of us want it to.

Hands Down” by The Greeting Committee, 2015

Another good driving tune. Gather up some friends, roll the windows down while you still can, and sing as loud as you want.   

Rhythm & Blues” by The Head and the Heart, 2016

“No one wants to be lonely,” so play this and feel all the warm and happy feels while surrounded by all your favourite people at a party.

Violet” by Daniel Caesar, 2014

We all love a good slow jam. October also marks the beginning of cuffing season, so maybe find yourself a special someone to cuddle up with and listen to Caesar’s swoon-worthy tune together.

Paradise” by Jon Bryant, 2018

If you haven’t heard of Bryant, you should change that as soon as possible. His dreamy voice will definitely get you in the cuffing spirit.

Flying Kites” by Jeremy Zucker, 2015

“Won’t you stay for love?” Long weekends are never long enough. Play this as you pack and get ready for your regularly scheduled programming of all-nighters at Robarts. Pack some leftovers with you, to make the commute back to school a little better.