Dermot O’Halloran

Dermot O’Halloran is a third-year comprehensive studies, jazz student in the Faculty of Music, running for vice-president operations. He currently serves as vice-president professional faculties of the UTSU.

O’Halloran is running to create “a UTSU that will increase student engagement, contribute to a positive campus environment, and provide more of the resources that students need.”

The UTSU vice-president operations oversees finances, a team of full-time staff, and UTSU- provided student services. In terms of UTSU finances, O’Halloran’s first priority is accountability. He seeks to clarify the use of UTSU finances “as much as legally possible,” and increase enforcement of the UTSU’s executive timekeeping policy.

Attendance has been a problem for the UTSU’s Board of Directors. If elected, O’Halloran intends to bolster motivation to attend by “foster[ing] a more positive culture between the Board and Executives.” He looks forward to continuing the efforts of current UTSU President Joshua Bowman to create the most “internally- knowledgeable Board… that the UTSU has seen in years.”

Highlights of O’Halloran’s platform include increasing the accessibility and clarity of the UTSU’s bylaws and policies, and bolstering outreach. He cited an interest in “establishing class visits to get the UTSU’s message out” and “hosting one town hall every semester to hear students’ concerns.”

He also wrote that he hopes to enhance the health and dental plan, with an emphasis on ensuring “ease of access to mental health resources.”