The time we are currently living in will be recorded as pivotal for the Black community. The past summer protests catalyzed the global Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that will most certainly be documented as a notable period in Black history in North America and around the world. 

The black power fist has become an internationally recognizable emblem of Black unity and BLM. It was originally used by the Black Panther Party in the 1960s to challenge police brutality against African Americans. Ever since, the fist has become a repeated symbol of protest and Black liberation and has created much controversy throughout history. One of the most iconic and historical moments of this is that of the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, when American gold and silver medal sprinters Tommy Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in protests during the national anthem. By embedding the fist into the CN tower and the city skyline, this piece represents the strength of the Black community and brings awareness to our unique shared experiences as we navigate through the city of Toronto and across the three campuses.

Sara Maclure designed the cover of this week’s issue in celebration of Black History Month.