Between studying, extracurriculars, hanging out with friends, and other responsibilities, students struggle to find the time to sleep, let alone to work out. However, daily exercise is just as important as any of the activities mentioned in that list. It can be used as a much-deserved break from the endless coursework, while at the same time improving your well-being.

However, it is often difficult for students to establish a consistent and effective workout routine. With so much contradictory information on the internet, where do they even start? Fortunately, you need not look further than this article, which will be providing you with an immensely popular workout routine that is guaranteed to help you.

It is known as Crossfit — a strength and conditioning program which is designed to improve stamina, strength, and flexibility. To accomplish this, it uses multi-joint movements that can be modified for any fitness level and involve greater muscle recruitment than traditional exercise. This may sound extremely complex, but these movements are nothing more than variations of actions you perform on a daily basis. 

While it has been controversial due to potential safety concerns, research suggests that, when done correctly, Crossfit provides a plethora of possible benefits, including increased strength and agility, due to the fact that Crossfit emphasizes load, distance, and speed. Without further ado, here are some ways you can incorporate Crossfit into your workout routine.

Crossfit routines are typically composed of weightlifting, calisthenics, and aerobic exercises. Workouts are usually short in length because they are highly intense. It is very difficult to sustain the level of intensity required for a crossfit workout for a long period of time.

When starting out, I recommend that you prioritize performing each exercise correctly over how quickly you do it and how much weight you lift. This is because, like with other types of physical activity, you can injure yourself doing Crossfit. To further mitigate the risk, I recommend you stretch prior to working out. Doing Crossfit with friends can greatly enhance the experience as you are more likely to stick to your routine and stay motivated. 

Check out this blog for some daily workouts for beginners. The Running Sandwich is a good workout for beginners that can be scaled up or down. It consists of a 400 metre run, followed by 40 air squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 burpees, and 10 push-ups. It ends with another 400 metre run. 

The Running Sandwich illustrates some of the advantages of Crossfit. For one, you do not require any equipment to create an effective workout. Even though some exercises may require weights, many can be done outdoors or even in your room. 

Additionally, you can adjust the workout depending on your fitness ability. For instance, you can do five pull-ups instead of 10, and gradually increase the number of repetitions that you do. However, remember that the workout is designed to push yourself as much as you can.

If you do not like the Running Sandwich, there are plenty of other workouts to choose from. In fact, some fitness sites recommend varying your workouts every three to four weeks, because it keeps your fitness life entertaining and prevents plateauing.

All in all, Crossfit is not only an incredible tool that students can use to practice healthy living — it can ultimately be a step in our journeys to become the best versions of ourselves.