At its core, sex is an athletic endeavour. It necessitates a combination of endurance, agility, raw strength, and poise. Without a doubt, engaging in sexual activity can be challenging for many reasons, but practice and preparation can ease the burden regarding expectations about performance. Even if most of us might be redshirted this sex season, there are workout regimes that can help foster the fortitude needed to endure sessions of wicked power plays regardless of the arena.   

Working out: The OG enforcer 

Before The Varsity spills the beans on the workouts that work, it’s important to analyze the impacts of exercise on sexual performance.   

Simply put, exercising does its job. It’s not a miraculous solution, but repeated efforts compounded over time can produce impressive results. Physical activity improves the circulatory system by stimulating blood flow. This can mean better erections, vaginal lubrication, and clitoral sensations. According to a 2018 study in the Journal of Health and Education Production, cardiovascular endurance predicted a woman’s level of arousal. 

The American Psychological Association reports that consistent workouts can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression, which are culprits that can hamper sexual activity. When doing it in the bedroom — or anywhere else — confidence speaks volumes. A study published in 2000 in the International Journal of Sport Psychology noticed improved self-confidence in participants after just six months of exercising. Additionally, exercise is preventive medicine for diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions can cause erectile dysfunction by clogging tiny arteries in the penis. 

Developing the right muscle base 

Once you make the decision to work out, the hardest part is finding an effective workout and getting started. The easiest way to find the best workout is by considering the muscle areas that activate during intercourse. 

At the core of sex are well-developed core muscles. Core exercises like modified curl ups or side bridges are good options. A developed core can increase ejaculation control and orgasm power.

Upper body durability assists in supporting your body weight and pursuing more acrobatic endeavors. Exercises like planks, push ups, or Pendlay rows improve upper body development.  

Pelvic floor muscles are also essential during intercourse as they allow for stronger, longer-lasting orgasms. Kegels, glute bridges, or the Hang Power Clean can produce effective results since they specifically target pelvic muscles.   

Being flexible can be an asset for a variety of positions. It can also prevent injury and decrease the chances of cramps. Flexibility can be developed by doing yoga positions like the full body bridge or pigeon pose. Pilates is also a good option for increasing flexibility. 

Lastly, doing cardio such as interval training or exercises like the toes to bar can help improve stamina and strengthen heart muscles. It will also result in more endurance, resulting in longer sessions. 

Bang-bang play: important stuff 

Exercise is dependent on personal needs. The exercises mentioned above are useful, but less can sometimes mean more when it comes to fitness. It’s better to start small and work your way up than to burn out by doing too much! 

Finish line

Whether you love or hate sex, affectionate touch is helpful for emotional well-being since it facilitates feelings of belonging and acceptance. But having sex unprepared is like writing a test after procrastinating the whole semester. You may get very good grades, but chances are you were barely hanging on. So, the next time you get a chance to ride the boot-knocking rollercoaster, try to do a couple of quick push ups beforehand. If your date looks concerned, don’t worry — that’ll just make you more mysterious.