“Hit the Slopes!” they said. “It would be fun!” they said. Truer words were never spoken. 

The Black Students’ Association (BSA) has held numerous events throughout the years, from movie and trivia nights to art shows and workshops. Ironically, last Wednesday, during Black History Month, the BSA decided to embark on an activity with a history that includes very little to no Black representation — both professionally and recreationally. Skiing!

I started off the day of the ski trip leaving home promptly at 5:30 am for our 6:45 am departure from Sidney Smith Hall. In Toronto, the forecast warned of a potential winter storm approaching Southern Ontario. Luckily, we were heading north, and I naively crossed my fingers, hoping to be greeted with sunshine upon our arrival at Mount St. Louis Moonstone Ski Resort located in Coldwater, Ontario, a warm community roughly an hour and a half north of Toronto. 

Despite the early rise, the excitement on the bus was palpable. We passed the time with music, countless rounds of a modified Heads Up!, conversing with friends and, unashamedly, lots of power naps. 

At the resort, our adventure began with introductory lessons provided for skiers and snowboarders. The Magic Slope and Kinder Slope both required a carpet lift to get to the top of the hill. Once one masters the two slopes, then they may proceed to the traditional ski lift, which will lead you to a point with diverging paths, each varying in length and steepness.

We took a brief break from skiing and snowboarding to eat lunch, and headed to the cafeteria, where lovely chefs and service workers welcomed us to a delicious menu selection. 

On the hill itself, even though many of us started out as beginners, we left the resort beaming with confidence, proud of the new skill we had acquired. 

The main building for picking up and returning rental equipment. Upstairs holds the cafeteria and dining areas for visitors.

Four students gathered outside the North Entrance in preparation for an afternoon of skiing and snowboarding. SARON NIGUSIE/ THE VARSITY

A group of students holding their ski bindings and poles enroute to the next hill. Bundled up from head to toe for a day-long adventure. SARON NIGUSIE/ THE VARSITY

Smiling students pose ahead of a snow school lesson. SARON NIGUSIE/ THE VARSITY

Four students cheerfully pose together before their journey down the slopes. SARON NIGUSIE/ THE VARSITY