At its monthly Board of Directors (BOD) meeting on March 22, the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) BOD approved the 2023 SCSU general elections results

Amrith David, Afsana Miah, Abdulrahman Diab, Denise Nmashie, Khadidja Roble, and Akaash Palaparthy — all from the Transform UTSC slate — will officially form the union’s executive team in the 20232024 academic year.

Chief Returning Officer (CRO) Niya Hussen also presented her final elections report at the meeting. She said that her only issue with the elections was the low voter turnout, which The Varsity calculated was less than four per cent

Hussen attributed students’ lack of interest in the elections to “poor advertisement for the elections” and “the lack of in-person campaigning by the candidates.” She said that candidates may not have been interested in campaigning more actively because only one slate was running in the elections and most positions were uncontested. 

Hussen also reported that “a lot of ballots” were spoiled because of polling clerks’ failure to sign the backs. She recommended that, for next year’s elections, the CRO and dispute relations officers supervise polling clerks more closely and that the union advertise the elections more frequently.

Otherwise, Hussen said, “All duties pertaining to [the elections] were conducted professionally, impartially, and securely.” 

The SCSU will hold its Winter General Meeting on March 27. The union will attempt to pass the motions it included in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) agenda last November. The union was not able to pass any motions during the AGM, because it did not meet its required quorum of 500 members.