1 United States Chess Federation, in a nutshell

5 Wide open, but not like in a sexual way or anything

10 Part of Elon Musk’s career, minus the ‘ter’

14 Famous river a Freudian would say you are in

15 Prepare to have your picture taken again

16 ____ Descartes

17 Burns with an intense heat likely to leave a mark 

19 Like train tracks, but for cars; Abbr.

20 Bone that’s radius-adjacent

21 Where you are

23 Yale students

24 The process and study of measuring atmospheric pressure

25 Demean or put down, or, an integral part of baseball

26 To soil water, in a sense

27 Typical aria; plural

28 ‘Om ___’, titular character of the game Cut the Rope

31 Six in Spanish

33 Overcomes, in poker terms

36 ‘____ squat’, often paired with Adidas clothes

38 Part of a popular saying regarding cost

40 Slippery little guys

41 People who oversee websites, on Discord they are abhorred

43 “Just ____”

45 Hair color modifier

46 “Take ____ from”

47 Vegetable known as quimbombo in Cuba and Puerto Rico

49 Endures for an amount of time

51 One who gives up the game before it even starts

56 Nigerian ethnic group with the same name as its language

57 Canadian minister and politician who pioneered the Canadian Social Gospel and Co-operative Commonwealth Foundation

58 National Leaguer, Abbr.

59 U of T’s main building for teaching teaching, located just across from Varsity Centre

60 Some examples are the singer of Self Control, Ellie Sattler, or Ally from Austin & Ally

61 Someone of South Asian descent

62 Absolute Decree

64 A narrow gap, usually cut or torn

65 “____ girl!”, or, “____ boy!”

66 Some of the most powerful villains in the manga One Piece

67 Homophone of 13-Down


1 YouTubers HATE this one trick

2 City in Tuscany

3 ‘St. _____’, street just above Dupont

4 Burns with an intense heat likely to leave a mark

5 World-changing technology

6 Health and Science equivalent of the big turkey one

7 What no one was, not even mice, in this famous holiday poem

8 Chiller sibling of 4-Down

9 Popular craft marketplace

10 Depressed, albeit honest, beaver

11 An apposite shot at some

12 “We’re _____ together” 

13 “You’re such a _____,” common flirting expression 

18 If you lose after this, you’re the first-place loser

22 Press _______ 

25 “___b:?” “Choose one” 

27 Known for having a chickenless coop 

28 American organization who sees you when you’re sleeping, knows when you’re awake

29 The opposite to one of two theme words I forgot to add (whoops) 

30 Stand outside Sid Smith with the top dogs 

32 Poor disposition 

34 ___wood 

35 Opposite of 

37 Has a secret 

39 Top terrace 

42 Fratty ‘N’s

44 Type of fishing net Nemo and Dory escape from at the end of Finding Nemo 

48 “_____ to the groom,” common wedding expression 

49 Some examples are the singer of Blue Bayou, Sarah Connor, or the mom from Bob’s Burgers

50 Plastic at the end of a shoelace, featured in ‘Phineas and Ferb’

51 1982 Stevie Wonder hit with a Dizzy Gillespie trumpet solo 

52 Chemical compound used to make red colourants 

53 Proclamation of self-eminence found in the children’s phrase “_____, you drool” 

54 A narrow furrow or groove 

55 “_____ all, folks!” 

57 Portmanteau for a dejected baby kangaroo 

63 “__ be or not __ be”