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Task Force on Student Mental Health announces members

Consultations with students, staff to begin in July

1 June, 2019
Candidate Profile: Michael Junior Samakayi

Vice-President Equity

9 April, 2019
Candidate Profile: Miharu Ho

Vice-President Student Life

9 April, 2019
Candidate Profile: Muskan Sethi

Vice-President Professional Faculties

9 April, 2019
UTSU executive candidates debate focuses on accessibility, advocacy

Two candidates miss first UTSU debate, Equity campaigning put on hold

21 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Bryan Liceralde


18 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Habon Ali

Slate: Students United, Vice-President Equity

14 March, 2019
Students march to Queen’s Park in protest of OSAP cuts

Attendees split over support for Liberal MPPs present, cheered NDP speakers

10 February, 2019
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