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Introducing the Comment columnists

The section’s new regular writers will tackle issues on campus politics, current affairs, and student life

27 October, 2017
Blues soccer program playoff bound

Men second seed, women fifth

22 October, 2017
Varsity Blues take to the ice to open 2017–2018 hockey season

Blues women undefeated, men split two games

22 October, 2017
Seriously, what’s so good about the TTC? Part II

Two more contributors share their stories of public transit oddities

22 October, 2017
Vignettes of Nuit Blanche

Varsity writers cover the cold, the lines, and everything in between

2 October, 2017
Seriously, what’s so good about the TTC?

Our contributors share some public transit horror stories

2 October, 2017
A campus of hurdles

Three student perspectives on accessibility issues at U of T

25 September, 2017
Redefining relationships: students share stories of romance in 2017

Four writers break down traditional notions of sex, love, and break-ups

18 September, 2017
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