The Varsity

The University of Toronto's
Student Newspaper Since 1880

Board of Directors


The Varsity Board of Directors is the oversight body of the Varsity newspaper. The Board is composed of elected student representatives and the editor-in-chief. The Board of Directors typically meets once a month to discuss business matters pertaining to the corporation and to oversee the well-being of the paper. The Board is mandated by a set of by-laws. In addition to our regular meetings, the Board also organizes two  General Members meetings each year, to which all staff and students are welcome and invited.

Meeting minutes are available upon request. For more information, please email secretary@thevarsity.ca.


Marcus McCann (chair@thevarsity.ca)


Zayne Dattu (treasurer@thevarsity.ca)


Angelo Mateo (secretary@thevarsity.ca)


Joshua Oliver (editor@thevarsity.ca)

Board Members

Zayne Dattu

Jade Colbert (appointed)

Angelo Mateo

Marcus McCann

Jerome Newton

Abby Vaidyanathan

Philip Wu

Important Documents

Varsity Bylaws

Code of Ethics

Financial Statements

Minutes from recent Board meetings

For minutes, please contact chair@thevarsity.ca