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Canadian globalization must end

(Re: Globalization at the Winter Olympics)

Cultural homogeneity is a phrase and idea which has become increasingly significant through its identification with economic globalization. Some argue this force—the fire-breathing dragon that is globalization—is destined to reduce to ash all that makes up a nation’s identity. While I once considered this melodramatic and apocalyptic, I now need only to look south of the border to see these prophecies realized.

The United States of America, that great economic power and cultural steamroller, has fallen prey to foreign market forces which undermine the patriotism necessary during a time of healing.

Consider the XIX Winter Olympiad, a time when patriotic sentiment is actively encouraged. On an international stage, the Americans have been made to parade around in apparel designed and manufactured by Roots, a Canadian company. US identity has been knocked away by the invisible hand of the market and Canadian identity. Globalization must be stopped.

Filip Zalewski

Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Humping: the blinding glow of genius

(Re: “This letter doesn’t make any sense either,” letter, 25 February 2002)

As a huge fan of Mike Winters, I have to take issue with Radek Dobias’ criticism. Having enjoyed Mr. Winters’ brand of humour since his days at the Gateway [the student rag at the University of Alberta], I’m perplexed that Mr. Dobias cannot recognize the intense glow of genius that emanates from his work.

Mr. Dobias remarks that “Mr. Winters has a unique talent for combining vulgarity and mediocrity.” Pardon? Perhaps you meant to say, “Mr. Winters has a unique talent for combining hilarity with sublimity.”

Perhaps you have not seen his seminal work, “Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Humping.” If you are unaware of its particular—how shall I say, insouciance—then I suggest you remedy this immediately.

Matthew Harris

‘Terrorist’ fesses up to inherent evil

(Re: Editorial cartoon, 11 February 2002)

I’d like to thank the Varsity for acknowledging that yes, in fact, Iran, Iraq and North Korea are the “Axis of Evil” in this free world as shown in the editorial cartoon in your February 11th issue. As an Iranian-born Iranian-Canadian, I’m constantly annoyed when people don’t see acknowledge my evil ways and my inherent terrorist tendencies.

Sara Vossoughi