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A good sport: Celebrity sexcapades

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We all know what the jock stereotype is: big, strong, good at sports, bad at school, and yes, good with women. Not all of those things are true of all jocks, of course, but it’s probably not a controversial claim to suggest that professional athletes get more off-field action than the rest of us would on-field if we were athletes ourselves. In keeping with this week’s theme of love and sex, here’s a rundown on some of the most… interesting sexual relations that professional athletes have had.

A few rules: these rankings are hugely subjective. There’s nothing tangible that makes, say, number two “worse” than number three. Speaking of “worse,” this list isn’t an attempt to pass judgment. There’s nothing “bad” about being on this list — it just means you’ve done something sexual that might cause a lot of people to do a double take. And obviously, a lot of the activities described below don’t fall into what we might conventionally associate with Valentine’s Day.

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1) Delonte West misses jump shot, nails Gloria James instead.

Talk about hitting on the boss’s wife taken to another level. Delonte West took it many steps further last May, allegedly having sex with Gloria James, LeBron James’ mother. Not only was LeBron a teammate and friend of West, but he’s the top dog in basketball. Who says alphas get all the action?

2) Can’t steal second, steals teammate’s wife instead.

Actually, it’s weirder than that. Back in 1973, New York Yankees baseball players Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, literally switched wives. Both had young families that were extremely close, and a joke double date is alleged to have led to a casual swap at a liquor-fueled party, and that led to a more permanent swap.

3) Sing me a song.

Baseball superstar Roger Clemens is alleged to have begun a decade-long relationship with country singer Mindy McCready when he was a married 28-year-old superstar and she was a 15-year-old up-and-coming star. Clemens claims it was merely a “close” relationship that did not involve sex with McCready, who will not deny any aspect of their relationship.

4) Sweet Revenge.

Anna Benson, wife of recently retired baseball player Kris Benson, seems to have her game plan thought out well in advance should her husband ever cheat on her. The plan? According to an interview she did with Howard Stern, she intends to sleep with everybody on his team. Considering how awkward that would make life for Kris, it seems like she’s found a winning formula for keeping him close to home.

5) National Crisis.

Football’s serious in England, but not all the time. At least for John Terry, who took it upon himself to sleep with teammate Wayne Bridge’s wife. The kicker — literally — Terry is married with twins. One wonders if Bridge would have felt better about it had Terry gone the Delonte route and slept with his mom instead. Maybe not.