DO: get past tests from ASSU ( and the past exam repository on Portal (

DON’T: try to study at Pratt Library. It will never happen. Too much people watching.

DO: register at UT Hub to get recordings for the lectures you missed —

DON’T: even try and use your cellphone or wifi at Sid Smith. That place is a Faraday cage.


DO: take 1.0 FCEs as credit/no credit (and late withdrawal).

DON’T: just keep your textbooks boxed up at home — buy and sell them on


DO: talk to your profs about doing an independent study or research opportunity program.

DON’T: send out emails to your entire class asking for notes because you “had the flu.” It’s annoying, and nobody believes you.



DO: borrow films from Kelly library and the Media Commons in Robarts. You can even book a room at Robarts to watch movies on the big screen!

DON’T: ever buy condoms, just get ‘em free from SEC (21 Sussex Ave., 6th floor).


DO: go to the Swap Shop for some free furniture. (Seriously, it’s all free).

DON’T: use a payphone when you can make calls on the complimentary phones in UC’s Junior Common Room.


DO: scout out the microwaves in student spaces across campus, including departmental lounges, Robarts, and Innis Café.

DON’T: pay $4 for a drink at Second Cup in Sid Smith. Instead, buy cheap soda from the ASSU office next door! They’re like 75 cents or something.


DO: opt out of the UTSU dental plan if you don’t need it — it’ll save you some serious monies.

DON’T: pay full price for movie tickets. Get discounted ones from the UTSU.



DO: go to Suds, the engineering bar in the Sandford Fleming pit that happens every Friday after 5pm.

DON’T: hang around Queen’s Park late at night. (It’s full of creepy people.)


DO: check out the Leslie Dan Pharmacy building and the Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research. They’re beautiful.

DON’T: wear a bikini to the Hart House pool (unless you want to be ogled).

DO: go to the Varsity Deli at Huron and Glen Morris, it’s insanely cheap. It’s also not a deli, but a Korean food joint.

DON’T: just go straight home after class. Start your own group — the post-ironic jazz-wave club awaits!


DO: visit the observatory at the top of McLennan. It’s also a great date spot).

DON’T: poop at home. Go to the washroom on the 13th floor of Robarts. You’ll feel like a king on your high throne.

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