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November 20 marked the start of a week of remembrance and awareness for trans persons at U of T.

The Centre for Women and Trans People collaborated with UTSU to combat exclusion and marginalization and to provide a platform of discussion for issues faced by trans people.

“It is important for us as students to create dialogue and resistance around transphobia within our community…” said Corey Scott, UTSU VP Internal and Services.

Trans Remembrance Week started in 1998 after the killing of Rita Hester, a trans woman from Massachusetts.

“This day belongs to those still living with transphobic violence and violation, facing the stigma of gender nonconformity, and struggling, resisting, disrupting our deeply entrenched culture of hatred against trans people,” said Landan Wu, a volunteer with The Centre for Women and Trans People, during a speech. “I encourage you … to consider what you, personally, can do to create safer spaces for trans people on and off campus.”


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