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Welcome to U of T, a school with a diversity of students who, in turn, have a broad range of interests. That may seem like a cookie-cutter statement, but the endless list of Arts and Culture (A&C) clubs and societies at our university certainly does the cliché some justice. The A&C clubs and events at U of T range from college-specific to campus-wide. Each college has at least two of the following: a dramatic society, a newspaper, or an Arts Review. This guide highlights just some of the many artsy clubs and groups at U of T, some college-related and some not. There are way too many groups to list them all here, so explore the clubs fairs and Ulife to find even more.

Hint: Often, students can join college-specific groups or attend college events even if they aren’t part of the college itself.


Campus-Wide Must-Knows


Hart House


This student life hub houses the historic and cozy Hart House Theatre which stages both student and professional plays and musicals year-round. Hart House also holds classes in dance, photography, filmmaking and theatre.


University of Toronto Arts Centre

The University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC) and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery are the campus’ two galleries, both of which offer a breadth of material ­— from artwork that dates to the Middle Ages to that of contemporary visual artists. Located in the centre of campus, it doesn’t hurt those seeking a quick foray into the art world between classes that these two galleries are closer than the AGO or the Gallery District.


Victoria College 


Motion Victures

This club began with a group of friends with a comedic bent, an improvisational tendency, and the good judgment to film and upload their performances to YouTube. Since its modest beginnings, Motion Victures has written and performed advertisements for the Bob — Vic’s comedy revue — and has created a feature film, all of which are on its YouTube account. (Email)


Acta Victoriana

Vic’s annual literary journal, which has included the works of now-famous Canadians Margaret Atwood and Lester B. Pearson. (Website)


Woodsworth College


22 Pages

A comic book club that allows students to team up with their peers to publish collaborative works.  The club also gathers to discuss comic books and comic book culture, rendering it ideal for aspiring comic writers and artists. (WebsiteEmail)


The Art Society

A forum for students engaging in artistic endeavors to meet, discuss their work, and share ideas. (Email)


Trinity College


Trinity College Literary Institute

Also called “The Lit,” the Trinity College Literary Institute has been one of Trinity College’s most deeply-rooted traditions for nearly 200 years. Although it was originally a forum for serious debate surrounding current issues, it has now adopted a more satirical format — where the object of debate is often a joke and the objective is to make the audience laugh. (Email | Email)


Trinity College Theological Society

The society meets weekly to discuss and debate theological and academic topics. The TCTS also hosts guest speakers and occasional outings. (Email)


Innis College


Free Friday Films

As a reward for those tough weeks at school, enjoy a free film at the Innis Town Hall. The event, hosted by the Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU), features a diverse array of film styles — from French New Wave to
Hollywood blockbuster. (Email)


Innis Jamz

A bi-monthly music session for both experienced and novice instrumentalists. Check out their Facebook page for more details.


New College


Caribbean Film Festival

Besides the proverbial “sun and sand,” the Caribbean provides great fodder for documentaries and dramas. The festival is free and includes discussions with filmmakers, whose films shed light on Caribbean politics and culture. Although it is not formally a part of New College, the festival is sponsored by the Caribbean Studies Students Union (CARSSU), housed at the college, and the CINSSU. (Email)


New Faces

Check out New Faces’ Facebook group for updates on events and auditions around campus.


St. Michael’s College


Kelly’s Korner

Held on the last Wednesday of every month by the St Michael’s College Student Union (SMCSU), Kelly’s Korner is an open mic night that allows students to showcase their artistic talents. Finger-snapping might not be mandatory, but St. Mike’s monthly coffee house certainly warrants it.


Annual Musical

A surefire way to make new friends and sing off midterm stress. Past shows include Sweeney Todd and Hairspray. Auditions begin just after frosh week.


University College


UC Review

A collection of students’ short fiction, poetry, and visual art. Aside from being a great forum to have creative work published, the Review also allows students to get involved in other capacities, such as graphic design and editorial positions. (Email)


The Gargoyle

FORSH by ucgargoyle

In the editor’s own words, “The Gargoyle glides past the drudgery of report journalism in favour of a sometimes farcical, sometimes serious consideration of things similar to art, politics, and sharks. In order to facilitate a tasteful and truthful conversation of the world we all tenuously occupy, The Gargoyle is accepting of made-up words, meta-isms and smartassery, and averse to poor writing, meta-meta-isms and dolphins.” (Email)


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