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U of T Libraries 101

The definitive guide to the St. George campus library system
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Looking for a place to study during midterm season? Here’s the definitive guide to the St. George campus library system:

Robarts Library | “The Beast”

It’s 24 hours before an exam, or an essay is due at midnight and it’s half an hour before the deadline; at the height of desperation, students shut themselves in Robarts Library. Many call this concrete monstrosity home — especially during night hours, when tired souls take to the first three floors for serious napping. Robarts is U of T’s largest library, and is fondly known as Fort Book, because of its imposing concrete stature and seemingly endless collection of books. Although you’ll meet some intense researchers and crazed insomniacs at Robarts, it also serves as a social hub for students across all three campuses, housing the largest number of books in the university and a cafeteria with a Starbucks line that is almost always out the door.

Theme Song: “The Final Countdown” by Europe

Snack of choice: 12” Meatball Sub from the cafeteria


Gerstein Science Library | “The Hopeful Pre-Med”

Gerstein is home to U of T’s life science students. Here, you’ll find first-years commiserating over Biology textbooks and Chemistry labs, as medical students pass by with their matching backpacks (yep, that’s a thing). Unlike the gloomy interiors of Robarts, Gerstein boasts plenty of windows to make even the most dreary of study days just a tad brighter.

Theme Song: “The Scientist” by Coldplay

Snack of choice: Pizza (brain food) from the downstairs café


E.J. Pratt | “The Hipster”

Home to Victoria College students, expect to see the artsy folk on campus getting their work done in Pratt library. Pratt offers optimal private space, with long mini-cubicles for individual students lining one side and a bar of window seats facing the scenic Victoria College residences on the other. The bottom floor contains some overflow stacks, as well as couch seating and vending machines for social interaction after hours of solitary study.

Theme song: You’ve probably never heard of it

Snack of choice: Sushi from Wymilwood Café in the Goldring Centre


Graham Library | “The Next Rhodes Scholar”

The Grahman Library takes up the centre wing of the beautiful Munk School building. Its popular reading rooms play host to lounging students who spend large portions of their days in the soft, welcoming Morris chairs — especially during colder months. Meanwhile serious studiers situate themselves in the surprisingly comfortable wooden chairs in front of the spacious individually-lit desks. Many windows boast beatiful views of Trinity College or of the gardens on Devonshire Place.

Theme song: “Winter” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Snack of choice: Lunch from The Buttery