In the opening seconds of her self-titled album, Beyoncé is asked: “What is your aspiration in life?” In response, she answers, “To be happy,” making it clear that her vision of happiness is being able to navigate her career on her own terms.

BEYONCÉ was released through iTunes on December 13, with its arrival strangely unheralded by any promotional material whatsoever. Each of the thirteen tracks on the visual album is accompanied by a conceptual music video, making it an ode to the years of perseverance that turned Bey into the pop juggernaut that she is today.

The album features clips of Beyoncé competing in childhood talent shows, and cutting her teeth as a teenager in bedroom rehearsals for the now defunct Destiny’s Child. The release of the visual album proves that, a decade into her solo career, Beyoncé truly has become her own boss.