This past week featured the now-annual Bell Let’s Talk Day, a campaign hosted by Bell that encourages people to take to social media and use the hashtag #bellletstalk to raise both money and awareness for mental health.

When it comes to my own mental health, I find music has the ability to alter my mood quite drastically. If I find myself feeling anxious or depressive, listening to certain songs can boost my mood and turn around an otherwise bad day. With this in mind, here’s a playlist of some of the The Varsity masthead’s favourite pick-me-up songs to get you through the start of midterms and winter sadness. — Sarah Niedoba, Arts & Culture Editor.

“Ridin’ Solo” — Jason Derulo

With my eyes closed and this song in my ears, a ride on the TTC with my arm leaned against the frosty window and my shades on is basically the same thing as cruising down Harbord Street in a red convertible in warm weather. If you ever catch me dancing in a decidedly cool manner heading towards The Varsity office, it’s probably because I’m finally doing me, and it feels so right.

— Danielle Klein, Editor-in-Chief

“Lovebug” — The Jonas Brothers

Because, you know, my childhood.

— Kawmadie Karunanayake, Design Editor

“Simply irresistible” — Robert Palmer

In my experience, there is no better way to cut through the mid-winter doldrums of second semester quite like Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible.” The warmth of Palmer’s voice and the song’s addictive ’80s beat will motivate you through even the coldest trips to class.

— Alec Wilson, Comment Editor

“Missing you” — Rod Stewart

I am completely aware that this is a decidedly unhappy song, but there’s something about the tune and the guilty pleasure factor of singing along off-key that cheers me up like no other. It’s a staple on my winter nights playlist as I huddle up with wine, a book, and — if you’re one of the people who invite me to go out — “a really bad cold.”

— Samantha Relich, Features Editor

“Move on up” — Curtis Mayfield

This song first came to my attention as the closing number of the timeless and well-respected film classic Bend it Like Beckham. As the protagonist runs off to follow her soccer dreams in America, this song plays in the background, establishing the perfect picture of rom-com happiness. It’s my go-to for miserably cold walks to class and essay-break dance parties.

— Sarah Niedoba, Arts & Culture Editor

“Uptown girl” — Billy Joel

Billy’s a storyteller, and the narrative he crafts here is hilariously relatable for anyone who’s ever tried wooing someone who’s way out of their league. The lyrics are charmingly whimsical, and the melody is hookier than a fishing rod — what’s not to love?

— Daniel Konikoff, Associate Arts & Culture Editor

“No Scrubs” — TLC

What can I say? I don’t want no scrubs.

— Mari Zhou, Design Editor

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