As of January 2, 2017, the St. George campus’ T-Card Office has permanently relocated to the Koffler Student Services Centre on 214 College Street from its original location in Robarts Library.

Students requiring T-Card services will now have to visit the office’s new location on the building’s first floor, which is between the Second Cup kiosk and the Student Life offices. Staff and faculty, however, may still visit the Reader Registration desk at Robarts Library to process their T-Cards.

The office’s move was part of a wider set of renovations taking place at Koffler, which saw the creation of a new, multi-use ‘Student Success’ space on the main floor.

“Bringing the T-Card office to this location streamlines Student Life’s services and allows students to visit one location for a variety of programs and support,” read part of a Student Life blog post on the renovations.

The Koffler Centre, located at 214 College Street, is home to various student life service departments, including the Career Centre, the Health and Wellness Centre, Housing Services and the campus bookstore.

“Moving the TCard office to Student Life enabled it to be co-located with other key student services on the St. George campus, and leverage the resources of the division, to better serve students,” explained Arlene Clement, the Director of Housing & TCard Services.

Clement also told The Varsity that the university has been working on a number of T-Card related development projects. These initiatives include a mobile T-Card unit for avoiding lengthy queues in the fall, an electronic check-in tool for exams, as well as online T-Card photo submissions.

The developing projects are aimed at “improving the student experience,” said Clement. The electronic check-in tool, for example, was already piloted at UTSC in December. 

“This project supports academic integrity, but will also reduce stress if a student forgets to bring their TCard to an exam,” she explained.

The initiative will undergo further trial tests with the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education and the Faculty of Arts and Science in 2017.