The campaign period for the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union began on Monday, March 12, and will continue until March 22. Voting will take place from March 20-22.

The One UTM slate, led by Presidential candidate and current union Vice President Campus Life Felipe Nagata, is uncontested across all five executive positions. The slate’s platform centres on the removal of the Student System Access fee, alongside a number of other social and environmental justice commitments. The Board positions for Division II and III are heavily contested, but no candidates are listed on the UTMSU website as running for the Division IV and V positions.

The $55 Student System Access fee, included on students’ invoices, “is charged for access to the Student Web Service (ACORN/ROSI),” according to the university. One UTM, in its platform, says the fee “used to be collected when students used to enrol in classes over the phone. With the evolution of the internet and systems like ACORN, the fee was grandfathered.” One UTM pledges to lobby Governing Council and the provincial government to eliminate the fee.

The rest of One UTM’s platform centres on fighting for free tuition; working on a GTA U-Pass with a focus on Brampton and Oakville; developing survivor support groups and implementing consent culture training; relaunching the task force on campus racism; developing a local environmental justice campaign; and working with academic societies to develop a mentorship program.

Felipe Nagata, the current Vice President Campus Life at the UTMSU, is running to be the next President of the union. Nagara, a third-year political science student, previously served as a Division III Board Member on the UTMSU. His individual platform focuses on expanding the printing center and Free Breakfast program, as well as establishing “an Online Swag mall” for clubs and student societies.

Yan Li, a second-year political science and economics student, is running to be the next Vice President Internal. Li is campaigning to expand student services, relaunch a UTMSU app, and provide information on free events.

Atif Abdullah, current Associate to the Vice President University Affairs and a second-year computer science student, is One UTM’s candidate for Vice President External. In his candidate statement, Abdullah pledges to “secure student discounts and advocate for the elimination of tuition fees for ALL students.”

Leena Arbaji, the UTMSU’s Sustainability Coordinator and a fourth-year environmental science student, is running to be Vice President Equity. Arbaji pledges to develop and implement an environmental justice campaign, challenge rape culture on campus, and relaunch the task force on campus racism. “My team and I believe that we can help foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and diversity here,” her candidate statement reads.

Andres Posada, a third-year management student, is running for Vice President University Affairs. Posada did not provide a candidate statement to the UTMSU, but on One UTM’s website he says his dreams for next year are to “give every student a small win that they feel proud of, and making an impact on our campus by helping it grow together.”