University of Toronto Mississauga. SHUTTERBUGAMAR/CC FLICKR

UTM campus will be closed as of 4:00 pm today due to worsening weather conditions. All courses, labs, tests, tutorials, and other course-related activities will be cancelled. This includes activities that have already begun.

Students and staff are advised not to come to campus, as university buildings and facilities will be closed. This excludes students living in residence and staff engaged in essential services.

Sheridan College will also be closed as of 4:00 pm.

The last shuttle bus departing from UTM to Sheridan College will leave at 5:15 pm. The last shuttle from Sheridan to UTM will be at 5:15 pm.

UTSG and UTSC will remain open as of now.

All updates or additional information will be posted on the UTM weather information website and social media. Information will also be available by calling 905-569-4455.


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