Hanya Wahdan is a second-year Engineering Science student running for Vice-President Equity. Wahdan has little experience in student politics so far and is running uncontested.

Wahdan wants to create a more open and inclusive environment at the university by opening “dialogue between different people.”

“That is something I want to try and introduce here, to open the dialogue about more controversial topics and not just hide away from them because I know there will be disagreements,” she continued.

“And finally, make it a more inclusive environment for everyone, not just the majority or the people who live here or the people who look a certain way.”

Wahdan went on to say that, though she feels like part of the minority at the university, if she and other marginalized students fight for representation, they can be included as well. When asked what she could do to make the UTSU more equitable, Wahdan said that there is no “major part” that goes against her values or where she feels the UTSU is “acting inequitably” — but also expressed the disconnect she felt with the UTSU, hoping to work on “small areas” if elected.