Sarah Mohamed (VISION UTSC)

Sarah Mohamed is a fifth-year student studying health studies, psychology, and city studies who is running to be the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) president under the VISION UTSC slate. She is currently serving as the SCSU’s Vice-President Campus Life.

Mohamed is motivated to run because she is “passionate about student issues, and [she wants] to make sure all UTSC students have the best [experience] on campus.”

Her slate’s platform rests on three major goals: increasing student aid for students, providing better mental health services for students, and fostering greater transparency and accountability in student representation.

As president, Mohamed’s key priorities would be to improve the Annual General Meeting process, create a frequently asked questions page on the SCSU website, increase SCSU staff positions for part-time students, and invest in training and development for SCSU executives, board members, and staff.

Carly Sahagian (WENITED)

Carly Sahagian is a fourth-year student studying biology and women and gender studies, and is running on the WENITED slate for president of the SCSU. Sahagian first came to Canada with her sister and fellow candidate Annie Sahagian from Aleppo, Syria. After transferring from the University of Aleppo, Sahagian worked at the UTSC registrar’s office, represented students on the Campus Affairs Council, and currently serves as SCSU Vice-President Academics & University Affairs.

Sahagian’s main focus on the campaign trail is emphasizing realistic and concrete policy promises: “students are tired [of] empty promises,” she said. However, she did not name particular executives from previous years that she believes have failed to uphold their campaign points.

“I want to make sure that all of my team, even if it’s a mixed slate or whatnot, I’ll be the leader that they come to me and that I can lead them to make the campaign points a success,” Sahagian said, pointing out that in her current position, she has filled in for the current president as second-in-command.

Regarding her particular policy goals, Sahagian hopes to increase the number of embedded counsellors in Health and Wellness, lobby the province against cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program, and increase Indigenous representation on the SCSU.