Muntaka Ahmed has been elected president of the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) for the 2020–2021 academic year. The race for UTSU president was a tight one, with runner-up Bryan Liceralde losing by only 156 votes by the final round.

The third presidential candidate, Arjun Kaul, was eliminated in the first round with 745 votes. Ahmed was elected with 1717 votes.

Neeharika Hemrajani was elected VP Student Life, Alexandra McLean was elected VP Equity, Tyler Riches was elected VP Public and University Affairs, and Dermot O’Halloran was elected VP Operations. The latter two ran uncontested. 

The VP professional faculties position remains open as there were no candidates.

The referendum to increase the fee for the health and dental insurance plan by an additional ten per cent has failed. The vote saw 2135 students vote no and 2133 students vote yes, thereby not meeting the two thirds majority requirement for referenda to pass.

However, the referendum to establish a Student Aid Program Fund with a $1.00 fee per semester did pass with 68.8 per cent of students voting yes. The program will come into effect this fall semester. 

Ahmed’s presidential platform focused on equity and she hoped that by running she would provide a pathway for others who do not see themselves represented in leadership positions. 

In addition, Ahmed wishes to implement more engaging programming beyond Orientation, Frost Week, and Unity Ball and also improve upon the union’s consultation with student groups.

4,818 students or 12.7 per cent of the electorate voted in this election. Academic and division directors were also elected in this voting period. Full results are available here.