Drinking enough water daily is undoubtedly one of the most healthy habits to have, but it’s often hard to remember to hydrate. Plus, with so many other beverage options available, it’s easy to replace it with a can of pop or a cup of coffee. 

Thankfully, it’s actually quite easy to trick your brain into hydrating more.

Bottle up

A key item you’ll need in order to drink more water regularly is a large water bottle. And no, I’m not talking about a small 16-ounce flask; I’m talking about a bottle that’s at least a litre.

It can be easy to forget to drink water when you don’t own a water bottle or you have one that’s not big enough. It’s much easier to drink copious amounts of water when it’s right there in front of you in a big jug. I highly recommend buying a 32-ounce Nalgene bottle because it comes in an array of colours and is easily portable.

The QuiFit Motivational Gallon water bottle is another great option because it has recommendations for how much water you should be drinking by certain times of the day. Plus, it comes with a straw, so it’s about the most effortless thing you can do. 

If you’re a student with a particularly tight budget, fear not, as an empty plastic bottle or jug is the perfect cost-effective water bottle. 

Listen for the ring

Another great way to set yourself up for a hydrated day is to set incremental alarms on your phone to alert you to drink more water. If you don’t have a bottle that offers hourly time markers like the QuiFit, setting your phone alarm to go off every hour, on the hour, is a great way to motivate yourself to drink all your water.

Aim to drink at least two cups, or just under 500 millilitres, of water every hour. This trick will not only make sure you don’t forget about your water intake while you focus on your Zoom classes, but it will also stop you from chugging the remainder of your water bottle at the end of the day in order to finish it, leaving you uncomfortably full of liquid. 

If you’re always feeling tired, having bad skin outbreaks, or having trouble digesting food, chances are you aren’t drinking enough water. Make drinking water a part of your daily routine because it can do wonders for your health.