On January 17, the Trinity College Meeting (TCM) held its fifth meeting of the year, in which members shared their reports, discussed the new equity policy, and elected a new Non-Resident Affairs Committee (NRAC) treasurer. 

Equity policy ratified

Attendees ratified a new equity policy, which was previously presented at the December meeting. The document was motioned by Head of College Alex McLean and seconded by the TCM Equity Committee. The new policy provides guidelines for the TCM, as well as for student leaders and clubs. 

The equity policy states that closed captions will be provided at every meeting to improve accessibility. All meetings will also be live-streamed and elections will be held online. Discriminatory or hateful behaviour will not be tolerated, and students who engage in this kind of behaviour will be prohibited from attending meetings. 

Moreover, the policy requires elected representatives to receive equity training. McLean clarified that representatives are required to show certificates of training completion and those who fail to attend the synchronous or asynchronous version of the training will be brought forward for impeachment. 

The policy also states that student clubs must provide accessibility accommodations, and it encourages students to bring their accessibility needs forward. 

McLean said that the equity policy needs to be constantly updated according to changes in the student body. The policy document also states that it serves as an expression of the TCM’s “ongoing commitment to equity.” 

Elections and online learning

At the meeting, the TCM also held elections for a new NRAC treasurer. From the two nominees, Eliza Thom was elected with 61 per cent of the vote. 

Meanwhile, elections to the Electoral Commission were postponed until the next TCM. The executives explained that this wasn’t an urgent matter, and, due to the short student attendance, they decided to move it to the next meeting. 

The TCM also reserved some time at the meeting for students to discuss the switch to online learning. During the conversation, students pointed out the need for at least one open space on campus for students in residence to study outside of their rooms. Attendees said this would benefit student mental health while classes are being held online and provincial COVID-19 restrictions are still in place. 

As at every TCM, the heads gave quick reports on their departments, in which they reminded students of many upcoming events at Trinity College. Meanwhile, some in-person events, like the biweekly community breakfast, were cancelled this month due to current COVID-19 restrictions. 

The TCM will update students soon about the status of February events.