In the unofficial results posted on the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) website, the union announced that members of the UNIFY UTSC slate have won in all executive positions. Members of the slate ran unopposed for five out of the six elected executive positions. 

The total number of votes cast for the executive positions was 484 — significantly less than the 1570 votes cast in the previous election. Considering that the SCSU represents 14,000 members, this translates into a less than four per cent voter turnout rate, compared to the 11.67 per cent of voters who participated in the election in 2021 and the 13.85 per cent who participated in 2020.


Michael Sobowale, who ran unopposed for president, was elected with 302 votes, or 62 per cent of all votes cast. 

Alyssia Fernandes was elected as vice-president campus life with 223 votes, comprising 46 per cent of all votes. Fernandes was running against Devesh Juneja, who ran on the INSPIRE UTSC slate and was the only other executive candidate not running on the UNIFY UTSC slate. Juneja received 163 votes, or 34 per cent of all votes cast. 

Thai Higishihara won as vice-president external with 294 votes, or 61 per cent of all votes cast. The winner of the vice-president academics position was Amrith John David with 292 votes and 60 per cent of the total votes. Yumna Abdelhameed, receiving 297 votes, or 61 per cent of all votes cast, was elected as vice-president equity. Lastly, Mathooshan Manoharan was elected as vice-president operations with 292 votes, or 60 per cent of all votes cast.