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Gain real work experience and a competitive edge – all in the Metaverse – with Wavemakers.

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As you begin your year, there is a new way to build your resume, broaden your networks, develop critical skills, and more — BONUS, it’s free, fun, fast, and flexible.

If you’ve spent any time browsing job ads these days, you know that getting your foot in the door is harder than ever. Many employers are seeking candidates with at least two to three years’ experience, even for entry-level jobs, which can often feel like a vicious cycle. You need work experience to get a job, but you need a job to gain experience. 

So how can you, as you begin the school year already spread thin with classes and extracurriculars, find the time or opportunity to gain that experience and build the networks you need to set yourself apart from the piles of other candidates before you’re even ready to join the workforce? 

Wavemakers provides you with hands-on work experience unlike any other, helping you build the skills, mindsets and networks you’ll need to succeed. 

A completely free, first-of-its-kind, work-integrated learning program held exclusively in the Metaverse, Wavemakers is designed to give you real experience and access to speakers, mentors, and employers from diverse sectors and locations. Plus, all participants have access to $200 in financial support and have the opportunity to be selected for a $2000 scholarship. 

It’s like an internship, but more focused, more convenient, more fun, and with a much smaller time commitment. 

Wavemakers is part-time, with eight two-hour sessions that can take place over a four or eight-week schedule, and it is entirely online

Camera shy? No problem. Wavemakers happens on a virtual reality campus where everyone interacts as avatars

The program is accessible, inclusive, and flexible, allowing you to access cutting-edge work experience on a schedule and in a platform that works for your busy schedule.

Wavemakers is intentionally designed to be a welcoming space for all students, including students who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, new Canadians, women, LGBTQ2S, students with mental or physical disabilities, or students who come from rural or remote communities. 

As a participant, you’ll work with peers from across the country to complete an industry-relevant work-integrated learning challenge, benefitting from the support of industry mentors along the way. The Wavemakers curriculum will help you develop key future-proof capabilities, honing the skills employers want. Plus, you’ll earn digital micro-credentials that you can include on your resume and on other employment-focused platforms like LinkedIn. 

The program concludes with a virtual career fair, connecting you with some of the most innovative employers across the country so you can get a headstart expanding your professional networks. 

Students looking for relevant experience, skills development, and the chance to learn from industry experts should choose Wavemakers. The Wavemakers program is intentionally designed to bridge the gap between school and the workforce, giving you an extra edge when you’re looking to land an entry-level position.

As a first-year university student, the prospect of joining the workforce may seem like it’s still years away, but the reality is it’s never too soon to prepare yourself for success. The decisions you make today can help you get a step ahead of your competition, connect you with prospective employers and give you the opportunity to develop the skills you’ll need to thrive in the workplace of the future. 

With Wavemakers, you can add that experience to your resume, build your networks of peers and prospective employers, and open up your world to careers you may never have considered—all for free and from wherever you choose

Get a step ahead with Wavemakers—apply today at

Wavemakers is supported by the Government of Canada through the Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Program