It is possible as a student to enjoy very active lifestyles and frequently participate in both indoor and outdoor activities while in Canada. Canada has a gigantic landmass that contains some of the world’s most stunning natural beauties, and also lots of exciting outdoor pursuits such as baseball, soccer, volleyball, hockey, basketball, dance, camping, cycling, and others.

If you’re a student looking for fun things to do while studying in Canada, then we have put together some of the exciting things you can do for fun.

Here are fun things to do in Canada as a student

Visit Toronto

Yes, Ottawa may be the official capital city of Canada, but its financial, cultural, and entertainment capital is definitely Toronto. There are lots of attraction centers you can visit within the city.

While in Toronto, you can tour the entire city and visit some local neighborhoods where you can feel the traditional lifestyle of the people. As a Canadian student, you can find places for rent in Calgary where to relax before and after your adventure. Rental listing websites like Rentola help you have access to a wide array of properties to scan from the comfort of your home using just your phone or computer.

Yash Golwala, 

Take a tour of Canada’s Parliament Buildings

As a student wondering what to do in Canada, you need to take a trip to Canada’s Parliament buildings. It is located in the capital city and happens to be one of the places many people visit every year. Canada’s Parliament Buildings contains three buildings:

  • Centre Block
  • East Block
  • West Block. 

It is one of Canada’s most beautiful buildings and is dated back to 1866. 

Visit the Rideau Canal National Historic Site

This waterway was designed over a century ago, and it connects lots of lakes and rivers. Currently, this place serves as an outdoor place that offers various activities. It is indeed a place where you would find all the beauties of the Eastern Ontario people. 

As a student, you can enjoy lots of motorboating any time you want. The place is also suitable for any camping activity with your friends due to its green surroundings which provide lots of other outdoor activities.

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Visit the Cavendish Beach – Prince Edward Island

You would find the iconic red sands of Prince Edward Island fully on display at Cavendish Beach when you visit. There you will find the Marvelous rock structures tower that touches the cool waters of the Atlantic. 

If you visit the beach around summer, you can join other visitors to participate in lots of water activities that regularly take place there. You will also find small farming communities surrounding Cavendish, complete with unique dining and shopping options. 

Visit the Whistler Blackcomb – British Columbia

This place is considered internationally one of the top four-season resorts in North America. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, then you would love Whistler. This place has an alpine venue for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and it is known to be a great vacation destination for family and friends.

You will find nice boutiques, active nightlife, great restaurants, and beautiful hotels that surround the quaint alpine village.


We understand that this may be just a teaser of the best things to do in Canada as a student. The reason is that Canada is very huge and jam-packed with lots of activities you and your friends can enjoy as students.  

The good thing is that most of the fun-loving places to visit are free, and you can visit and have fun at any time you want. So you can get out there and start exploring with your friends!