Digital Marketing gives us access to multiple tools that can really help grow an online and offline business. But are they efficient enough when we are talking about NPOs and their promotion? The answer is yes! It actually goes without saying that each non-profit organization should include tools of digital marketing in their toolkit as well as the implementation of strategic marketing and branding techniques. But let’s look at the digital ones to get an idea of the digital basis of marketing you could form for your non-profit organization. 

Why is digital marketing so powerful? 

It’s all about the audience. The tools, techniques, and channels you can use are directed not at the advertiser directly but at the one who uses the or might use the promoted information/offer. 

Another extreme PRO of digital tools is their cost. Offline marketing requires higher investments, takes longer to bring real results that last less, and does not work 24/7, unlike its digital alternatives. 

Search Engine Optimization 

The online world is based on search engines. Everybody who has access to the Internet uses search engines daily (sometimes even hourly). So each organization that wants to complete its goals and mission should exist online and have branded website. This is a mature, professional, and success-oriented approach you should follow. 

SEO makes your website rank higher on search engines. Relevant keywords, internal and external links, metatags, and optimized content help your nonprofit branding goals and let your NPO have a better SERPS position. 

Teaser Advertising 

This promotional tool is used to catch the attention of those who see ads. Usually, those ads are made the way so that people stay intrigued or wonder what’s behind the message or photo. This way you make them follow the link and get to your project landing page, for example, where they can sign up for a social event, organized by your NPO or make a donation. Use this channel at the early stages of your NPO promotion when you still have a small community and not many people know about your activities. The key to success with teaser advertising is to clearly define the audience to understand what content and message could really catch its attention.


Both commercial and non-profit marketers like PPC advertising because those ads are always noticeable, featured at the top of the search results page, and can help quickly get attention to, for example, an important event or crowdfunding campaign you run. Special funding for nonprofits is another reason to try this channel!  

Targeted advertising

Social Media is where many people spend a noticeably big part of their lives. Use Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, for example, to promote your organization. You will be able to set up campaigns depending on the user category you choose according to multiple interests, ages, demographical and other characteristics users share. As you see, having a well-completed User Profile is essential to match your ad to the “pains” of the people who are going to see it in order to convert them into your donors or supporters.    

The digital world changes and grows extremely quickly. Some techniques that work well today might not work tomorrow but those tools mentioned in this article are so well integrated into digital space and supported by the constantly improved AI algorithms, that will stay reliable and efficient for both non-profit and business organizations both tomorrow and after tomorrow. Use them and your activities will be just as successful as you want them to be.