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Graduate Students’ Union’s failed AGM puts organization at risk of financial default

Tensions arise over concerns of financial transparency, opposition to presence of student media

4 December, 2018
Internal Commissioner pushed out by Graduate Students’ Union General Council

Alexandrova voted out of office, Executive-at-Large to take up duties until by-election

2 December, 2018
Data at U of T: gender demographics, donations, wireless connections

Breaking down the publicly released data the university collected in 2017

27 November, 2018
Internal disagreements arise at UTGSU General Council meeting

Lynne Alexandrova removed as chair of committee, prevented from giving report

25 November, 2018
Premier Ford rejects Ontario PC Party motion to debate recognition of gender identity

Critics call resolution “devastating” to transgender, non-binary students

25 November, 2018
Data reveals extreme gender imbalances among faculty

Women make up less than 26 per cent of full-time professors

25 November, 2018
One year after demographic data pledge: no public data on students this year

No timeline from U of T on demographic census, details lacking

18 November, 2018
The Breakdown: Student union transparency

A look into how unions remain accountable to their constituents

18 November, 2018
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19 November, 2018