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“We care deeply for their well-being”: U of T admin addresses Bahen Centre death at Business Board meeting

Students lambaste board members following protests outside Simcoe Hall

19 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Avani Singh

Vice-President University Affairs

18 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Bryan Liceralde


18 March, 2019
U of T starting work on online portal for Student Choice Initiative

ACORN Advisory Team being consulted as U of T waits for final framework from province

17 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Kai Ng

Slate: Students United, Vice-President External

14 March, 2019
Candidate Profile: Miguel Cabral

Slate: Students United, Vice-President University Affairs

14 March, 2019
U of T still awaiting final guidelines on Student Choice Initiative

University Affairs Board passes fee increases for Student Life, KPE, Hart House

10 March, 2019
Incumbents dominate graduate students’ union elections

Five out of seven winners are returning executives

6 March, 2019
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