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Folk you to hell

You’d be surprised to hear the folk sound of 28-year-old U of T student/political activist Sarah Marlowe. With song titles […]

15 April, 2002
Students protest Israeli occupation

Students gathered outside the Israeli consulate to protest against Israel’s occupation of Palestine last Thursday.Carrying signs that read “Protect civilians […]

8 April, 2002

I have made a soul-saving decision: NO MORE TV! I’m giving up Survivor, saying goodbye to The Simpsons and letting […]

3 April, 2002
Icelandic Honey

So that’s what they do in Iceland, eh? Modest they ain’t, apparently. This movie is supposedly a “film” (film being […]

3 April, 2002
The essential Varsity guide to exams

It’s exam time and you’re totally freaking out! Your friends are too busy with their own studies to console you, […]

3 April, 2002
Smells like teen shit

Professors and lit. buffs beware: the following comparison may shock and disturb.In the 1600s, one went to a Shakespeare play […]

25 March, 2002
Missing the point

Based on his poem of the same name, the film Intervali Chiraroscui by Anthony Cristiano left me mostly unsure of […]

18 March, 2002
What the hell? Actually a good movie!!

This movie’s publicity people should be lined up and shot. After seeing the incredibly cheesy commercials, I expected a real […]

12 March, 2002
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