Students gathered outside the Israeli consulate to protest against Israel’s occupation of Palestine last Thursday.

Carrying signs that read “Protect civilians in Palestine” and “Israel tanks out,” the organization, Students Against Racism and Brutality, and others protested the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

The “emergency rally” was called upon hearing the news of the Israeli siege of Bethlehem.

Some protestors wholly support the position and actions of Palestinians. Asad Ismi finds the occupation “sickening,” calling Israel “a country ruled by war criminals.” He believes Israel should return more than the recently annexed lands of Palestine, since Israel was originally Palestinian territory. Ismi says Israel’s history is one of “taking Arab land.”

But not all the student protestors attending are of such radical opinions. Renee Ferguson’s main concern is post September 11 conservatism.

“Since September 11, it has been easy to frame political opposition as terrorism.”

Angry passers-by hurled insults at protestors. One said the protestors were there to support terrorism, noting Israeli civilians need to be protected from violence as well.

The group of students will be gathering every day at noon in front of the Israeli consulate until occupied lands are returned to the Palestinians.

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