for their favourite album covers.

Ben Cook of Fucked Up/Marvelous Darlings/The Bitters:

Island Life by Grace Jones

“This cover blows my mind every time I look at it. It’s just stunning, controversial, and sexy, and everything I like in a record cover.”


Doug Paisley:

Sweet Daddy Siki Squares Off With Country Music by Sweet Daddy Siki

“It always brings a smile. Country Music Sweet Daddy Siki has got to play the guitar but Wrestling Sweet Daddy Siki wants him to know that he’s got his eye on him and if he doesn’t get back to wrestling soon, there’s going to be trouble. It’s all on the cover!”

Daniel Lee of Hooded Fang:

Steal Your Face by Grateful Dead

“I grew up on my older brother’s Grateful Dead album covers and T-shirts. They always had the best logo and iconography.”


Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene:

Orgy In Rhythm by Art Blakey

“That red on the black and white made me want to buy this album – such a simple and bold design. The photo of Art is terrific, obviously: wonderful sweater choice, great expression on his face. Perfect symmetry.”


Jeremy Rossetti of Bravestation:

Helplessness The album: Blues by Fleet Foxes

“I very much enjoy the earth tones and if you look closely, there’s a kitty! And who doesn’t like kitties?”

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